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Club F.A.Q.s

Check out some of our frequently asked questions about the El Catador Club below.

Do you ship beer?

No, we do not ship beer under any circumstances.

How much is the El Catador Club membership?

Membership is $250 (plus applicable taxes and fees) per allocation of fourteen (14) 500mL bottles. Members can purchase ONE (1) allocations per account. If more than one set is desired, a separate account must be created to purchase each additional set.

What do I get with my El Catador Membership?

  • • Two (2) 500 mL bottles each of seven (7) barrel-aged beers for a total of fourteen (14) bottles of unique, barrel-aged beer
  • • A welcome gift to each El Catador Club member
  • • 20% discount on purchases at the Cigar City Brewing Taproom on Spruce St. in Tampa, FL and the Oskar Blues Taproom on Pearl St. in Boulder, CO
  • • Invite to a members-only event determined by your pickup location
    • Tickets may be limited and be offered on a first-come, first-served basis
  • • Choice of Pick-up Locations
    • — Members have the ability to pick-up or assign trustees to pick-up at the Cigar City Brewing Tasting Room in Tampa, FL or the Oskar Blues Taproom in Boulder, CO. NOTE: Once a pick-up location is chosen, it cannot be altered throughout the course of the club

Ok, I have signed up and paid. When does the club begin?

Typically the club first offers current members the ability to renew their membership within a modest window. Then any available space is opened up to the general public and previous members for period of time. Once the general public window is closed or memberships are sold out (whichever comes first), we will notify all members with the start date for their discount.

I can no longer pick up my beer, what can I do?

If you can not pick up your beer, you can assign a trustee to get it for you.

How do I assign a trustee?

There are two (2) steps to making this happen. First, your trustee must create an account using their name as it appears on their government issued ID and with a valid email address. Once they are registered and checked the “I would like to be a Trustee” box, you can use the email they registered with to designate them as your trustee. Please visit our Trustee Setup page for more details.

Can I use my El Catador Club discount at other tasting rooms?

The El Catador Club discount is currently only valid at the Cigar City Brewing Tasting Room in Tampa, FL and Oskar Blues Taproom in Boulder, CO. The discount is not available at our Tampa International Airport location.

Will you be offering other locations for El Catador pickups?

At this time, the only two (2) locations available are Cigar City Brewing Tasting Room in Tampa, FL and Oskar Blues Taproom in Boulder, CO. That said, we are always evaluating and trying to find more ways for members to easily pick up their club beers.

I no longer want to be in the club, can I get a refund?

We are sorry to see you go! Since the club is not auto renewing at this time, per the terms of the agreement there are no refunds (full or partial) of club membership fees or any additional items purchased while in the club. If you don’t mind, we would appreciate hearing from you on why you are choosing to not renew. You can reach us at

I have a great idea for the club. How do I tell you about it?

We love hearing from club members on ways we can improve your experience. You can contact us using the form below.

I want to be a member. How do I join?

We open enrollment after the last bottle drops for a period of about a month. This timeline and time frame are not set in stone and fluctuates based on retention of members and available spots. Complete the form below to be one of the first to know when we open up.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Do you have a list of past El Catador Club Beers?

Visit our Archive page for a list of previous edition bottles that were released as part of the El Catador Club.

Hey, I heard that you can ship beer?

No, we do not ship beer under any circumstances.

Cigar City Brewing

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