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The CCB Gator Gazette: Florida Man on the Run. An online publication dedicated to the outrageous adventures of the world's worst superhero, Florida Man.

Some skills are universal. Being able to change a flat tire or find a clean public restroom close by are talents that come in handy no matter in which corner of the world you may find yourself. There are, however, some skills that are best suited to Florida, otherwise known as The Sunshine State or The Senior Citizen Discount Capital of America.

To help visitors get the most out of our home state, we’ve partnered with our friends at Gear Patrol to compile some tutorials that have helped our dear Florida Man survive in his natural habitat. Whether you’re evading an alligator attack in Ocala, sliding across the hood of an IROC in Inverness or evading a private investigator in Palatka, these Florida Man-approved how-to’s will help you prepare for the unexpected excitement of our home state. Crack open a Florida Man Double IPA and get to learnin’!

How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack. If you ever find yourself in a standoff with a grizzly, moose or alligator, here's how to survive unscathed. Click to read more.
How to Properly Do a Bad-Ass Hood Slide. Unless you can slide across the hood of a car, you're not living your best life. Click to read more.
Being Followed? Here's How to Lose a Tail. You don't need the fastest car or the best driving skills. Click to read more.
How to Grow Your First Weed Plant. Give a stoner weed, get him high today. Click to read more.
How to Jump Off a Roof (Safely). This could come in handy. Click to read more.

Find Your Next Florida Man

Florida Men on Florida Man Podcast Visits Cigar City Brewing

Letter from the Editor

The world needs heroes, and in our home state of Florida only a very special hero will do. A hero with a shark tooth around his neck, a Grim Reaper tattoo on his arm, and a rap sheet longer than his mama’s mustache. A hero who’s forgotten more about amateur taxidermy and alligator rasslin’ than you’ll ever know. What better way to pay tribute to our beloved Florida Man than with a big ol’ Double India Pale Ale brewed with a nearly criminal amount of hops and a moderate bitterness that just about matches Florida Man’s general disposition. This hopped-up whopper of a beer is big in character and guaranteed to sear itself into your memory, just like “the world’s worst superhero,” Florida Man.

Find your next Florida Man

Cigar City Brewing

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