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KOLO Shipping

Do you love Cigar City Brewing’s El Catador Club but are having trouble securing a local Tampa trustee to grab your delicious beer for you? Cigar City Brewing is now excited to suggest the fulfillment and shipping services of KOLO Shipping to simplify the process for those out of town Club members. Read on for more details!


What is it?

KOLO Shipping is a completely independent shipping company that offers pickups and fulfillment for the El Catador Club; they are certified to ship beer via FedEx where it is legal to do so (see their FAQ section for non-participating states).


How does it work?

You will still manage your membership through Cigar City Brewing’s El Catador site as always. You’ll need to name KOLO Shipping as your Trustee (using as trustee email), and then purchase their shipping services directly from their site at under the El Catador Club section. Then at ONE designated time, after all the beers have been produced and are ready to go, KOLO will pick up, professionally pack, and ship your beer to you. To clarify: KOLO batch ships, so the beer will only ship once all beers are ready, no early/separate shipments will occur. Just like with any trustee pickups, once the beer is released into KOLO’s hands it is no longer the responsibility of Cigar City Brewing, and any issues with shipments, damages, etc. will need to be dealt with directly through KOLO Shipping’s customer service.

If you have already designated a trustee after purchasing your Club membership and would like to change it to KOLO Shipping, please feel free to do so at this time through the El Catador Club website. Don’t forget to then go to KOLO’s website to purchase their shipping services.

Of course local pickups at both Cigar City Brewing in Tampa and Oskar Blues in Boulder, CO will both still proceed as normal, this is not a required service, simply an option for those who aren’t able to pick up and need a trustee that is certified to ship alcohol.


The fine print

Visit for more details. It is important that you understand that KOLO Shipping is a separate company acting as a courier for you; you will need to contact them separately, and the beer purchase and shipping purchase are two separate transactions. You are not obligated to use KOLO Shipping.

If you have any questions about KOLO Shipping’s services, please check out their website and contact them directly at

Cigar City Brewing

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