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CCB News • June 4, 2021

We're Turning Your Summer Upside Down

(But not on purpose)

Salvador Dali has been quoted as saying, “Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.” As close to perfect as a fresh pint of Jai Alai IPA may seem, we at Cigar City Brewing do occasionally fall short of perfection.

Take, for example, the most recent printing runs of Jai Alai IPA 12-Packs and Boat Drinks Mixed 12-Packs. While the cans of beer in these packages are as delicious as you’d expect, the cardboard cases that hold these 12-packs together have been printed with one side turned upside down when held by their handles. While this mistake is relatively innocuous, it falls short of the high standard to which we hold ourselves. These misprinted cartons were produced in moderate numbers and will likely be found on shelves for a very short period, but we did want to let eagle-eyed beer fans know “no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you,” and “yes, we know we made a mistake and we’ve already made necessary corrections.”

Here in Tampa, we’re going to be saving some of these 12-packs for posterity’s sake. In time, these “oopsie” packages may become as sought after as the Bibles that were misprinted to say “thou shall commit adultery” or the Frank Thomas baseball card that was printed without his name on the front (or the famous 1989 Billy Ripkin card, for those in the know). We’re not saying they’ll be worth thousands of dollars years from now, but we’re not saying they won’t be.

With our hat in one hand and a beer in the other, we’re inviting you to “turn your summer upside down” with us and enjoy these 12-packs with a wink and a smile while they’re around.

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