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New Releases • May 25, 2021

Salt, Citrus, and Seltzer: All in the Same Boat

Cigar City Brewing's Boat Drinks Mixed 12 pack, featuring Paloma Gose, Margarita Gose, Citrus Siesta Golden Ale, and Cigar City Meyer Lemonade Hard Seltzer.

It’s never easy keeping a number of people happy at the same time. There are different strokes, it’s said, for different folks, and that idiom certainly extends to drinking occasions. With so many options these days, from beer to seltzer and everything in between, how can one check as many beverage boxes at once? We at Cigar City Brewing had an idea: Boat Drinks Mixed Pack, a variety pack of four different citrus-focused beverages that brings together craft beer and craft seltzer in a single package.

This variety pack represents one of the first beer-seltzer combination packages to hit store shelves, with three cans each of Margarita Gose German-style Sour Ale, Paloma Gose German-style Sour Ale, Citrus Siesta Golden Ale, and Meyer Lemonade Seltzer found in each 12-pack. Delivering four distinct yet approachable flavor profiles in a single innovative unit, this variety pack has been offering options for everyone in your crew since its introduction in February 2021.

The star of Boat Drinks Mixed 12-Pack is Meyer Lemonade Seltzer, a new product from our brewing team that boasts vivacious notes of lemon zest with a hint of mandarin orange-like citrus. The addition of Meyer Lemonade Seltzer to Boat Drinks creates a single pack that includes both beer and seltzer, making it one of the very first commercially available packages to offer these beverages side by side. Meyer Lemonade Seltzer can also be found in the Cigar City Seltzer Mixed Pack that’s been flying off shelves since its introduction earlier this year.

Meyer Lemonade Seltzer’s citrus brilliance perfectly complements three craft beers inspired by the sunshine and citrus of our home state of Florida. Boat Drinks features the year-round Margarita Gose German-style Sour Ale and Paloma Gose, a seasonal release that substitutes Margarita Gose’s orange and lime for grapefruit to emulate the classic cocktail of Mexico. Citrus Siesta, a light bodied Golden Ale brewed with orange, lime, and salt, delivers a flavor profile more familiar to traditional beer drinkers while keeping the package’s fruit-centric theme in the spotlight.

“Boat Drinks Mixed 12-Pack is a great representation of CCB’s innovative thinking and our willingness to blaze our own path,” said Maria Grieshaber, Brand Director for Cigar City Brewing. “Not only does this variety pack offer bold fruit-forward beers, it also incorporates CCB’s amazing new seltzer to give craft beverage lovers a really unique option on the shelves. Though the name brings to mind beaches and seafaring vessels, we think Boat Drinks will keep you and your mates happy wherever you find yourselves.”

With sunshine and warm weather returning to most of the country and gatherings becoming safer each day, we can’t think of a better accompaniment for get-togethers than Cigar City Brewing’s Boat Drinks Mixed Pack. Say “ahoy” to this Mixed Pack today!

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