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New Releases • December 23, 2021

Hunahpu's Imperial Stout Release 2022

Hunahpu's Imperial Stout

When Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout was first released at our Spruce Street brewery in 2010, it turned the fledgling Tampa craft beer community on its head. An Imperial Stout that delivered such intensity of flavor through its base recipe and its additions of cinnamon, vanilla, cacao nibs, and chilli peppers opened people’s eyes and tastebuds to flavors virtually unseen in craft beer in Tampa Bay (or anywhere else). As the beer’s renown grew with each annual release, Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout earned a reputation around the world as a beer that represented a novel approach and innovative take on hand-made craft beer. Through different variants, barrel-aged iterations, and other evolutions throughout the beer’s history, innovation has always been at the heart of Hunahpu’s.

Much has been written about Hunahpu’s and the subsequent variants over its 12-year reign. The renowned Imperial Stout has consistently been rated one of the best beers in not only the country, but the entire world by reviewers, and maintains a rating of 100 on both and

In 2022, we’re continuing this tradition of exploration and innovation by bringing Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout to a new level. For the first time in its twelve-year history, Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout will be available exclusively in 16-ounce cans in 2022. This new package format allows us to get more Hunahpu’s into more people’s hands while taking advantage of the light impermeability and oxygen-blocking features that led us to package our year-round beers in cans beginning in 2012.

We will be releasing cans of the 2022 version of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout at our Tampa brewery beginning March 12, 2022, marking the 12th annual release of our anniversary beer. The beer will be available alongside a never-before-released version of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout brewed with blackberries. As has been the case since its first release, Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout will be available exclusively at our Tampa brewery; no cans of the beer will be found on store shelves anywhere.

As was the case in 2021, we will be offering access to Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout and Blackberry Hunahpu’s via lottery through the Oznr platform. Beer lovers lucky enough to win lottery access to these beers will begin picking up their can allotments at our Tampa brewery on March 12 and can celebrate the release by enjoying rare variants of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout on draft. Vintage bottles of the sought-after beer and Hunahpu’s Day 2022 merchandise will also be available at the Spruce Street Taproom.

Further details on the Hunahpu’s lottery and release celebration will be made available soon. This year we’ll be taking it back to where it all started at the Spruce Street Brewery location with a week-long celebration of all things Tampa Bay Beer Week, culminating in the release of Hunahpu’s. Be sure to follow along with us on social media as we’ll have some fun surprises in store along the way.

We can’t wait to share our legendary beer in this new package format with our friends this March, and we can’t wait to celebrate its release with you all.

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