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New Releases • August 12, 2022

Florida Man Teams up with Pat Maroon

Florida Man Double IPA Joins Forces with Tampa Bay Lightning’s Reigning Florida Man, Pat Maroon

Tampa Bay Lightning's Pat Maroon attempts to open a can of Florida Man Double IPA while working on the canning line at Cigar City Brewing's Spruce Street brewery while a CCB staff member watches.

As the Official Craft Beer partner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, CCB is thrilled to announce our next partnership with the Bolts’ Big Rig, Left Winger, and acclaimed Florida Man, Patrick Maroon. Here at Cigar City Brewing, we can’t think of a better person to represent our beloved Florida Man Double IPA.

“I am thrilled to partner with the team at Cigar City Brewing,” said Maroon. “The staff and brand have been a ton of fun to work with so far, and I know we have exciting plans in the future for fans of the brewery and the Lightning!”

Teaming up with Maroon to represent CCB’s most eclectic brand, Florida Man DIPA, feels like a natural progression and we’re thrilled to watch it unfold—who knows, maybe in the off season we can get Pat in to explore a career off the ice in brewing?

In the month since the championship run, Maroon spent some time at CCB’s Spruce Street Brewery trying his hand at brewing, bartending, and everything in between. Fortunately for fans of beer and hockey alike, we filmed it all. In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing the kind of comical content you would expect to find from a true Florida Man alliance, so be sure to follow along, throw a leash on your pet alligator, and pick up some Florida Man DIPA near you.

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