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Roman Cologne
Special Release

Roman Cologne

Kolsch-style IPA

Did you know?

Köln may be known for its native Kölsch beer but in Roman Times the citizens of Cologne enjoyed a much wider variety of libations. We celebrate the times when Kölners’ palates were wild with Roman Cologne, a beer that combines flavorful Solero, Strata, and Idaho Gem hops with the unmistakable fermentation profile of an authentic Kölsch yeast. Slightly fuller bodied and more estery than a traditional IPA, Roman Cologne will have you partying like its 80 AD.



Alcohol by volume is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage.


Standard Reference Method is the color system used by brewers to specify finished beer and malt color.


International Bitterness Units scale (0-100) is a gauge of beer's bitterness.


Original Gravity is a measure of the solids content originally in the wort, before alcoholic fermentation has commenced to produce the beer.









Roman Cologne

Tasting Notes

Vibrant pineapple and tangerine notes give way to bread crust-like malt aromas and a soft red apple quality on the nose. Round and full on the palate with lime leaf and peach notes, this unique IPA rounds out tropical and stonefruit flavors with a malt flavor reminiscent of poundcake and the unmistakable fermentation profile of a Kölsch yeast.

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