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Double Barrel-aged Bolita

Double Barrel-aged Bolita

Double Nut Brown Ale

Did you know?

This Double Barrel-aged Double Nut Brown Ale is brewed in honor of the popular Bolita games played in Ybor City in our hometown of Tampa, FL. Bolita means “little ball”, but the profits from the often rigged games were anything but little. A player would pick a number and hope that his bolita came up, while the game operator would employ a variety of tricks to ensure that it did not. There are no tricks in this brew though, just a high gravity brown ale redolent with caramel and toffee like malts and a long nutty finish. We’ve aged this Cigar City classic in both Spanish brandy and bourbon barrels, adding a remarkable depth of character and flavor boasting notes of raisins, molasses and a pronounced bourbon-like spiciness.

*Please note that this beer contains no nuts or nut-derived products; it is simply brewed with water, malted barley, hops and yeast.



Alcohol by volume is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage.


Standard Reference Method is the color system used by brewers to specify finished beer and malt color.


International Bitterness Units scale (0-100) is a gauge of beer's bitterness.


Original Gravity is a measure of the solids content originally in the wort, before alcoholic fermentation has commenced to produce the beer.









Double Barrel-aged Bolita

Tasting Notes

Molasses, semi-sweet chocolate and prune-like fruit aromas give way to vanilla and rustic woodiness on the nose of this complex and hefty Brown Ale. A palate of rich bread crust, toffee and caramel is balanced by an assertive bitterness and a tannic and spicy texture imparted by extensive aging in both Spanish brandy and bourbon barrels.

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