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Cubano-style Espresso

Cubano-style Espresso

Brown Ale with Coffee, Cacao Nibs, and Lactose

Did you know?

This English-style Brown Ale is brewed with a heap of Cuban-style espresso beans from Tampa’s Buddy Brew Coffee. Lactose and cacao are added as well, creating a bold ale that brings to mind a fine cup of Cuban coffee.

Brewed with a proprietary blend of coffee beans produced with Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, Florida.



Alcohol by volume is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage.


Standard Reference Method is the color system used by brewers to specify finished beer and malt color.


International Bitterness Units scale (0-100) is a gauge of beer's bitterness.


Original Gravity is a measure of the solids content originally in the wort, before alcoholic fermentation has commenced to produce the beer.









Cubano-style Espresso

Tasting Notes

Malted milk, chocolate and fresh-ground coffee bean aromas bring to mind the finest cup of authentic cubano espresso coffee while flavors of toffee, semi-sweet chocolate and a touch of roast on the palate are complemented by espresso and a touch of milk sugar.

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Beer Awards & Ratings

2010 Best Florida Beer Championships

Gold Medal – Flavored Beer

2010 Best Florida Beer Championships

Bronze Medal – Best of Show: Beer

2011 Best Florida Beer Championships

Gold Medal – Fruit/Vegetable/Spice Beer

2012 Best Florida Beer Championships

Silver Medal – Flavored Beer

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